The Magic of Monthly Goals

The Magic of Monthly Goals

Last year I attempted to set a short term goal each month (click here to read more about how I did it). I’ll just go ahead and admit off the bat some months were more productive than others. While I wasn’t always consistent, I noticed three things during the months I stuck to my guns. The first being I felt accomplished and therefore fucking amazing. The second, the habit I established carried over to the next month(s). The third and final, my success motivated me to start a new goal the following month. That got me thinking about my macro approach to goals throughout any given year. Instead of one or a few major resolutions, I’m opting for 12 short term monthly goals. My hope is by doing so these short term goals will add up to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

The best part about short term goals is just that – their duration. Short and sweet. I’ve found that 30-ish days is the perfect amount of time to stay motivated to achieve a goal and simultaneously develop a habit.That’s the magic about short term goals: 30 days is long enough time to see progress in yourself but short enough to fend off any dips in motivation.

Let’s break this process down:

  • To start, you determine your action plan, your sacrifices and how you will measure success
  • You begin to take action, you start completing the activities needed to progress and start to meet your goals
  • As time goes on and months pass, you start to feel the continuing sense of accomplishment as you consistently crush the goals you set, leading to a sense of validation that you’re doing something right
  • The uptick in emotion leads to better decision making, self discipline and a renewing sense of motivation

While it may be easier said than done, it surely is easier to manage than a singular goal or resolution that can easily be derailed throughout the duration of a year. By planning a macro goal on a micro level you can achieve long term goals through a short term lens and find a lot of fulfillment ( and success ) along the way.

Continue to follow along for my task to tackle in January and let me know if you’re doing something similar.